What do you sell? Prints or actual, three-dimensional artwork?

All pieces shown on pheromone.asia are actual three-dimensional specimens hermetically sealed in our handmade, museum quality shadowbox frames. There are outside galleries and retailers that sell prints of my photographs.

Are the specimens real?

Yes, every piece we sell contains real, natural, professionally preserved specimens.

The colors look like they couldn’t possibly be natural – are they?

The short answer is yes, they are. There are very few instances where I have to restore color. In the cases where I do, it is almost always where you would least expect it. For example, most leaf mimic insects fade quickly once dispatched, so we restore their original green. However, it is the brilliant, gaudy, metallic coloration seen in our beetles and butterflies that seem like they have to be artificial. These are NOT enhanced but are completely natural. Out of the millions of species on the planet, I usually only choose to work with those that have an amazing color story to tell.

How and where do you get the specimens?

The invertebrates used are bred and sustainably collected in their various countries of origin – offering local catchers a powerful financial incentive to protect and guard their habitats to ensure the continued survival of the very species they collect. To learn more, please click here to visit our Environmental Effects page.


How long will my piece last?

Christopher Marley artwork is made to last a life time against infestation as long there is no damage to the frame which would indicate abuse to the piece or compromise of the seal. Because the coloring is natural, we can’t guarantee against color fading or morphing. To minimize change in coloration, pieces should not be hung where they will be exposed to direct sunlight, high temperature or high humidity.

How long will it take to get my artwork?

Each piece will be shipped from our Malaysia studio to your doorstep. Please allow 2-3 weeks lead time. Shipping transit times will vary by destination and method (larger items may need to ship on a pallet to ensure safe arrival). Delivery lead time is also subjected to customs inspection and clearance.

veiled Chameleon

What if my artwork arrives damaged?

Don’t worry, we guarantee your artwork will arrive in undamaged condition. Please click here for full details and instructions on how to report and return damaged artwork.

Where can the artwork be shipped?

All artwork from pheromone.asia can be shipped to countries in Asia, Oceania and the Middle East (except UAE). Our Pheromone artwork features natural specimens, all of which have been obtained legally and are not protected. However, it is not possible for Pheromone to remain abreast of each country’s wildlife statutes. The laws and allowances of each country vary widely and it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that their country does not have statutes prohibiting the purchase (or sale) of the products or specimens for intended resale or purchase. If you have questions or are unsure of your country’s pertinent laws, it is recommended that you consult with your country’s wildlife office before purchasing.